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Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak Day Tour

Explore the Gorgeous Garden of the Gods

A private tour to the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak is a full-day tour (from 8-10 hours), depending on the itinerary. Pick-up and drop-off locations are the group’s choice. While many visitors to Colorado have specific sites they would like to see, many are happy to let our team create a custom itinerary that fits their interests, budget, mobility, and timeline.

No two groups are alike and we will plan a trip tailored to your group’s interests, budget, and needs. Below are some itinerary suggestions to use as inspiration for your perfect tour:

Every tour starts with a 90 minute to 2 hour drive out of Denver and towards the picturesque town of Colorado Springs, after picking you up at your hotel or rental. Along the drive, you’ll get to know your guide and hear some history about Denver, Colorado Springs, and the sites you’ll be visiting on your tour. As you wind through the quintessential Colorado landscape, you’ll learn about the adventures had “out West” by some well-known historical characters, the incredible geological formations in the area, as well as other modern-day attractions locals and visitors are drawn to.

The Colorado Springs area has so much to offer! Garden of the Gods is truly a natural wonder – you’ll see soaring rock formations millions of years old as you hike through the park, learn about the people that have lived on this land for thousands of years, from prehistoric groups to Native American tribes, and hear stories about western settlers to the area. Pikes Peak is known as being the highest summit in the front range of the Rockies.

This “fourteener” offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains (don’t worry, we’ll be driving up). We’d also recommend stopping in at the Summit House, which sells special high altitude doughnuts. If you’re not familiar, altitude plays some mean tricks on bakers and these doughnuts are specially made for the heights, collapsing if transported to lower altitudes.

During your day in the Colorado Springs area, depending on your itinerary and timing, you may also have a chance to explore a little of this fantastic town, perhaps grabbing a quick meal, visiting the US Olympic Training Center, or driving by the US Air Force Academy. Whatever your day includes, you’re sure to be wowed!

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